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Innovation support for the Coast

Here is an excellent summary of the partnership between the Sunshine Coast and Innovation Island, funded for the first year by the District of Sechelt (yeah!).

From Graham Truax … “Our complimentary Business Advisory service works in conjunction with the NRC-IRAP concierge service (a very powerful and wide ranging portal).  While IITA does have a primary focus on technology and innovation we can provide assistance to a range of businesses that fit our basic application form.  I have worked with over 100 individuals/companies under this program over the past two years; from innovative non-profit social ventures to $50M+ hi-tech firms.

The Venture Acceleration Program (VAP) is primarily designed for early-stage technology Startups.  The program has a $200/mth. cost and a fairly demanding intake/interview process; however, the core curriculum is available free of charge, see

In addition to the above IITA offers a variety of regional workshops and events; with industry speakers and partners.   Our community partnering agreements allow us to deliver workshops such as the RETHINK series  (started Nov 2015)   These workshops develop based knowledge, relationships and introductions that can be further supported by our primary programs; and/or allow us to redirect participants to other Government or industry resources.  As mentioned, IITA is a non-profit industry association; we do not fund companies nor take equity or other formalized positions with our clients.”


slide decks from Innovation Island sessions

In case you missed one of the sessions, here are links to the slide decks that Graham Truax with Innovation Island has been presenting.  Tons ‘o great material and very useful links to some of the latest thinking.

Refresh Your Minimum Viable Product (Nov 23/15)

Customer Development Methodology (Nov 24/15)

Funding Sources (Jan 28/16)

Challenge your SWOT (Jan 29/16)

Pivot or Perservere (Jan 29/16)

Startup 101 Crash Course (April 2016)

Team Building (April 2016)

The Pros & Cons of Bootstrapping  (April 2016)

The Relationship Business (September 2016)

Are you ready to scale (September 2016)

Future-Proofing (September 2016)

link to some resources on CRM and Project Management software, and best practices.)


3 sessions w/ Innovation Island

Below are the links to the registration pages for the events scheduled to take place on January 28 + 29 at the Seaside Centre, which will be facilitated by Graham Truax, Innovation Island’s Executive in Residence.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Friday, January 29, 2016