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Local SC COVID19 Response – Digital Responders Roster

Update April 4, 2020: There is a quickly growing roster of folks from this community pre-positioned as ‘Digital Responders’.  Almost every skill is available to contribute to the local response on the Sunshine Coast (cyber security, e-commerce, web, technical training, online learning, data analysis and visualization, systems analysis, laser engraving, 3D, social media, design, podcast creation, …).

As digital needs surface from non-profit, individuals, and businesses here on the coast – the cohort is ready to response in a coordinated way through our community.   Details here.

If you are working in the digital sector and living on the Sunshine Coast – then please join us.  Connect to the community and/or join the roster by sending an email with your favourite local beach to connect -[at]-


Are you working in the digital sector and living (or dreaming of moving) to the Sunshine Coast (BC)? Let’s connect. We are a friendly bunch. Just send an email with the name of your favourite SC beach and we will send over a Slack invite where the discussion is happening.  ~120 folks are part of this group connecting through online Slack forums (help wanted/available, Q&A, community,  digital learning,…), and pulling together the occasional meetup.

There is a wide range of skills and interests in the community – developers, designers, communicators, hardware geeks, kids and code, learning, social media, ….

email connect -[at]- to join with the name of your local favourite beach,


We are a volunteer led non-commercial community network that  has connected 100+ people who work in the digital space and live on the Sunshine Coast (BC).   There are meetups semi-regularly and active online community discussion channels via #Slack.

There are blog posts on most of the past events if you want to see the kind of topics we cluster around.  And we are open to new ideas and energy to make good things happen locally.

Interested in connecting?   Drop us an email to receive an invite to the Slack community site – connect <at> sctechhub <.> ca

A volunteer led community for people working in the digital sector and living on the lower Sunshine Coast (BC).