SC COVID19 Digital Response Roster

  • Update September 2020: roster has shifted to standby.  See post above on DER3 program for local businesses seeking digital strategy advice, and digital service providers interested in connecting with new local/regional customers.

April 15, 2020:  Sunshine Coast COVID19 Digital Responders

We are 24+ professionals from the SC tech community who have formed a roster of digital responders ready to help local business, organizations, and our community figure out how to live, work, and stay connected in the digital space, and get through the COVID19 pandemic together.

Where can we help?

Has the ‘new normal’ created a pointy problem for your business or organization where a digital strategy and specific tech skills are needed for you to survive and thrive? Is this digital capacity otherwise not available?   Below are some ways where we might be able to help.

What digital skills are available?

Well, within the group we have folks with almost every digital skill ready to contribute their professional experience from working locally and globally. We will form small teams with you to creatively thinking about the problem and where possible design and deliver a solution.

I need digital help.  How should I connect with the group?

Lets start with a conversation to see if there is a fit between your needs and the skills in our group. For the first cohort, we are prioritizing our cycles for local business pivoting to survive, and organizations moving forward with COVID19 community response and support.  You can reach the roster by email connect [at]

Some ways we might help?

For local retail business owner shifting to a hybrid business model:
• connect with your customers through new channels: smart interactive social media engagement, email contact management using Mailchimp or other services, virtual chat on your website
• get started and avoid the downsides of the Google suite of information tools
• pivot your walk-up traffic to online order fulfillment using integrated product showcase and e-commerce tools such as Shopify or other services,
• build out other ways to grow your digital connections: digital photography tips and tricks, podcasting

For organizations working remotely together:
• tips and tricks for effective workforce collaboration using MS Teams, Slack, Zoom, …
• protect mission critical and private information and devices through cybersecurity protocols and tools
• secure remote access to organization networks using VPN techology

For our community as we rely on our devices:
• supporting digital literacy learning on staying connected (and keeping up with) the grandkids and working through tech frustrations
• can you help me … AMA drop-in tech office hours
• for parents as kids look for ways to connect with each other and online tutors

For organizations leading community response:
• support to vulnerable populations including helping seniors stay connected
• info management systems for collaboration, coordination and engagement; when email, docs, and spreadsheets are not quite working for the long run
• new tools and processes for information sharing through interaction, visualization, and data transparency