innovation learning on the coast

Success.  Entrepreneurs who attended the innovation workshops this past week came away with some practical framework and resource references for working on their business (rather than in their business).

During the workshops people had a chance to apply startup inspired frameworks to their own business – ranging from digital services, agricultural, housing, and environmental tech – across all stages of growth.  Lots of good local connections formed.  And lots of time for 1:1 Q&A and feedback tapping into the experience of our workshop leader.

A valuable 1.5 days of local entrepreneur support and learning led by Graham Truax / Innovation Island.     Thanks to SCREDO for funding the series,  Community Futures for connecting the pieces, Capilano University kálax-ay the Sunshine Coast Campus for the venue, and Harbour Air for being our transportation partner.

The next workshops in the entrepreneurship and innovation series are March 6/7 focusing on financing and whether to pivot or persevere.    Registration is open now.  You can always reach out to Community Futures by phone or email with any questions on if/how attending can be valuable for starting, growing, or pivoting your business.

Here are the links to the presentation decks, with a ton of really useful external links that cover everything from the soups to nuts of starting and growing a business (literally!).

Startup 101  |  Lean Canvas Part 1  |  Lean Canvas Part 2

As we all learned, Graham is an avid reader and audit book listener.  His summaries are epic and expected amongst the VAP clients.

Good news!  Many of the books that Graham references are or will soon be available through our local library in print and/or digital formats.

Originals, Adam Grant  (one of top reads for 2017 where the author shows how research blows apart the myths about successful entrepreneurs).  “To become original, you have to try something new, which means accepting some measure of risk. But the most successful originals are not the daredevils who leap before they look. They are the ones who reluctantly tiptoe to the edge of a cliff, calculate the rate of descent, triple-check their parachutes, and set up a safety net at the bottom just in case.  Available in print and e-book formats locally.

The Art of the Start (the original, not the 2.0 yet) available in print and e-book formats locally.

Value proposition design : how to create products and services customers want / Alexander Osterwalder  available in print format locally.

The Lean Startup (the classic reference) available in e-book format locally.

And the ones that I have pitched our libraries to add to their print collections:

Any other great books that you recommend to entrepreneurs?  Let me know! 


Facilitator, @SCtechhub