making the right things happen on the Sunshine Coast

At the end of February a group of business founders met over lunch at the new Basted Baker cafe in Sechelt.

Lots of conversation on how people are tackling problems and delivering innovative solutions that work for the Sunshine Coast.

One of these stories is the Sunshine Coast Car Co-op.  Johan Stroman shared the story of the car co-op and how it has grown from an idea to over 100 members and 4 cars in its first year.  With plans to expand geographic coverage to Sechelt in 2015.  Very cool.

From a tech perspective, the co-op is the only rural carshare in Canada operating on a fully-webenabled smartphone App based booking system.

And the value proposition for members (and new members!) “We provide easy, affordable and convenient smartphone enabled vehicle access (realtime booking and vehicle secured by fob), when you need it for an hour, a day or a week.  We can save you thousands on transportation whether you need a second vehicle part-time or you don’t have a car but want to choose among a diverse fleet to meet your needs.  With 4 on the coast in Gibsons and Roberts Creek – and expansion of 3 more to Sechelt in 2015 your membership gets you access to 500 more in BC and thousands across 19 carshares in Canada.”

Great story.  Are you looking to save money on transport, or need a flexible vehicle option to take in life here on the coast?  Get in contact with Johan from here.  Another one of those people who are making the right things happen here on the coast.

Follow the car coop on Twitter @coastcarcoop, Facebook