next meetup – Tuesday April 28 in Davis bay

Hosts: Breakwater Designs Ltd & Sunshine Coast Credit Union

Refreshments – Gibsons Family Network


SharePoint is a web application designed to help companies collaborate.  SharePoint allows companies to do many different things, or the same thing in different ways.  It is this flexibility that attracts many to it.

Mathew Newton from Sunshine Coast Credit Union will give a primer on SharePoint ABCs.  What it is and what it does.

Ben Tripp, lead developer with Breakwater Designs, will talk about how we leveraged the technology within SharePoint to build a management solution called ShareVision.

Building on top of SharePoint has advantages and drawbacks.  Ben will describe some of the challenges we faced, how we met them and where we go when we are looking for solutions.

Please plan to come to the Tech Hub meeting on April 28. Ben and Mathew will be on hand to answer questions, as will other members of the ShareVision team. Gibson Family Network will be providing some savoury snacks.

Register here so we know #’s coming along.