@SCtechhub spring meetup

The @SCtechhub community spring meetup will be on Sunday April 23, 3-5pm.   Details are being posted on our Slack channel.

Do you work in the tech sector and live on the Sunshine Coast – but have not yet joined the community on #Slack?  Drop us an email to get an invitation to our #Slack community forum –   connect  @   sctechhub.ca  with the answer to our ‘I am not a robot’ question, “what is your favourite Sunshine Coast (BC) beach?”

super awesome STEM & digital literacy links for kids of all sizes

code.org is an amazing organization dedicated to giving every kid an opportunity to learn code.  fun for adults too.  Their sandbox environment studio.code.org has self-paced online courses for every age range.  Super fun for kids and parents to explore together – and then kids can keep going on their own.   Angry birds, gaming, design, …

scratch is an open source coding language for kids.  MIT has created a great online studio for kids to learn code.  tons of how to videos, sample projects, etc.  This is the site we used at the first girls learning code day in November 2016.

Here is the link for exploring the new BC Curriculum for STEM learning.

Here are some connected devices that you can program to do things in the physical world


electronic prototyping / IoT/ sensors / robotics

raspberry Pi – so many project ideas on this site

Arduino is another open source electronic prototyping platform



scratch mentioned above is a great environment for coding basic games



Have you found some great resources?   Please share with the group by sending us an email.

The sound of 24 girls learning to code

Here is a quick recap of the girls learning code workshop held Saturday November 12.  This 20 second video sums it up.


First thanks to the organizations who stepped up in practical ways to help make the event happen – Capilano University, Community Resource Center,  Connecting Self Employed Women for Success (CSEWS) project of the Community Resource Centre, and the Sunshine Coast Film Society .

The coding workshop sold out in 6 days with a waiting list.  24 girls & their adult co-learner came out for 3 hours of learning to code using Scratch, a free online visual coding environment.  7 women from the @SCtechhub community led and mentored the session.

Aha moment for us was when we were struggling with how to create a shared portfolio in Scratch.  One of the girls confidently came up to the front and showed us how to do it.  Nice.

Here are the course notes.

[gview file=”http://sctechhub.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Girls-Learn-to-Code-Day-workshop-notes.pdf”]

Here is a great first exercise in Scratch.

The evening film CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap was a hard hitting look at gender and minority participation in the tech sector.  The film provoked a good post discussion around what we can do locally to support girls being exposed and welcomed in the STEM subjects.   Look forward to hearing more from SD46 about STEM curriculum that we hear is coming.

Here are discussion notes from the film

[gview file=”http://sctechhub.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/CODE-Film-DISCUSSION-NOTES.pdf”]

Definite interest to keep the learning going.  We are doing a survey of the workshop participants to gather their ideas.  Interested in the idea?  Lets connect   connect <at> sctechhub.ca

Girls Learning Code Day – Saturday November 12

GIRLS: Make Games, Learn Code, Have Fun!


Make Games, Learn Code, Have Fun.

Oh darn.  We are SOLD OUT for the afternoon workshop but still have space for the evening award winning documentary film on gender bias in the sector.

But wait, before you go ….

To hear about future Girls Coding events – just drop an email to connect@sctechhub.ca with the subject line ‘GIRLS CODING EVENTS’ and we will keep you in the loop.

Lise, Laurie, Alison, Michelle, Lisa & supporting crew



Saturday, November 12 is National Girls Learning Code Day, and in celebration of the event, local community partners have come together to help girls start coding, and help the community explore the gender gap in the tech sector.

The first event, a Girls Learning to Code workshop, is a fun hands-on introduction to code for girls aged 8 to 12 using Scratch (www.scratch.mit.edu), an internationally acclaimed easy programming language for kids. The workshop will be held in Capilano University’s computer lab, so registrants do not need their own equipment.

The session runs from 1 to 4 pm on Nov. 12 and will be led by a team of women volunteers who work in the tech industry. There is room for up to 24 girls accompanied by an adult. Registration for this event is $10 at Share There

That evening, parents, educators and other interested community members are invited to a free screening of the film CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap. This 2015 award winning U.S. documentary exposes the lack of female and minority software engineers and explores the reasons for this gender gap and digital divide.

The film highlights breakthrough efforts that are producing more diverse programmers and shows how this critical gap can be closed. CODE asks: what would society gain from having more women and people of color code, and how do we get there? A discussion will follow the film.

The screening will be held at 7 pm Nov. 12 at Capilano University. It is free, but people are asked to register in advance via Share There.

Girls Learning Code day is being made possible by Capilano University, www.SCtechhub.ca, the Community Resource Centre and the Sunshine Coast Film Society. For more information visit http://sctechhub.ca or call (604) 790-1845.


Innovation workshops Sept 21, 22 in Sechelt

purusing or thinking about a scalable technology enabled business idea?  Come along to these free workshops to connect with other entrepreneurs and learn how to apply lean startup principles in very practical ways to your idea.   Past workshop slide decks are here.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Spring meetup – April 28th

Post event wrap:

Turned out to be a great evening of learning and connecting  in Sechelt for the 35 people who came out.

Owyn Cramer (15) kicked off the evening with a lightning talk on 3D work he is leading with www.getmakered.com – as they head down to OSCON in Texas in late May.

Derek Andersen brought a whole collection of tricks for leading edge deployment of cattle style infrastructure.   Derek is awesome and makes my head spin in new directions every time he generously shares his latest work with the group.

Robin Chauhan w/ www.pathwayi.com wrapped the lightning talks with his early prototype time bank solution.

Then we welcomed Tom Keenoy www.kitestrings.io from the Comox Valley.   Tom shared his story from Brooklyn to Startup life in Courtney.  The “how-to” and what “not to do” moments of being a tech entrepreneur shifting from a service to product venture.

Lots of great connections forming within our community – and coming from this event – connections across the region into the mid/North Island where some pretty interesting tech success stories are emerging.   Check out www.innovationisland.ca for profiles.

What’s next?   Conversation continues on our #Slack forum.  Details for joining up are on the home page.   Hint … it involves a beach.  Fall in-person meetup.  Post event debrief and planning channel is active in #Slack – would be awesome to connect with you there.



Thank you to our community sponsors – who all said “yes” quickly when asked to support our tech community.



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3 workshops + community meetup April 27/28 in Sechelt

Lots happening in April!

Innovation Island is coming back to the coast on Wed/Thurs April 27/28 to deliver 3 more invaluable workshops for entrepreneurs pursuing innovative ideas (registration links below, and this blog post on the partnership with Innovation Island and the Sunshine Coast).

Then on the Thursday evening we will be having our spring tech community meetup starting at 6pm with tech lightning talks and pizza.  At 7’ish we will welcome our guest speaker Tom Keenoy of Medium Rare Interactive, makers of Kitestrings.

All the events are all happening at the Seaside Center in Sechelt – thanks to the support of the District of Sechelt.

Thanks to our community meetup supporters:

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Our tech community announcements are now being handled via our #Slack forum.   Lots of discussion from design to linux to edtech happening in the channels.  Send a note to connect <> sctechhub <> ca to get an invite.  Just mention your favourite Sunshine Coast beach to let us know you are not a bot.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Innovation support for the Coast

Here is an excellent summary of the partnership between the Sunshine Coast and Innovation Island, funded for the first year by the District of Sechelt (yeah!).

From Graham Truax … “Our complimentary Business Advisory service works in conjunction with the NRC-IRAP concierge service (a very powerful and wide ranging portal).  While IITA does have a primary focus on technology and innovation we can provide assistance to a range of businesses that fit our basic application form.  I have worked with over 100 individuals/companies under this program over the past two years; from innovative non-profit social ventures to $50M+ hi-tech firms.

The Venture Acceleration Program (VAP) is primarily designed for early-stage technology Startups.  The program has a $200/mth. cost and a fairly demanding intake/interview process; however, the core curriculum is available free of charge, see http://innovationisland.thinkific.com/.

In addition to the above IITA offers a variety of regional workshops and events; with industry speakers and partners.   Our community partnering agreements allow us to deliver workshops such as the RETHINK series  (started Nov 2015)   These workshops develop based knowledge, relationships and introductions that can be further supported by our primary programs; and/or allow us to redirect participants to other Government or industry resources.  As mentioned, IITA is a non-profit industry association; we do not fund companies nor take equity or other formalized positions with our clients.”


@SCtechhub heading to #Slack

New year, new ways.  We have moved our discussion and announcements from old school email/mailchimp to #Slack.   Come join us.  Send an email to connect  < > sctechhub  <> ca.  In the email just tell us your favourite Sunshine Coast (BC) beach to verify you are not a ‘bot.  Then you will get an invite to the sctechhub.slack.com  community.

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