@SCtechhub 2 years in

I kicked off @SCtechhub on Aug 31, 2012 to see who else has discovered the sunshine coast as an amazing place to live and work in the tech sector?”    Fast forward 2 years. 505 tweets. 85 followers. 909 emails. 3 meetups in 2014. Support from 4 community organizations. 60+ members.

I keep meeting people working in the digital space like Zev  (and Jeanette and their dog Titan) who moved to the coast a few years ago from the city. Like he says, us techies (and designers, animators, developers, …) can pretty much work from anywhere.  So he does, providing ERP (JD Edwards) consulting services to clients in BC and beyond.

When asked or when I have the opportunity I describe @SCtechhub as a community driven network that provides a way for people working across the “tech” sector (designers, hardware, software, writers, managers, infrastructure leads) to discover, connect, and collaborate online and in person.

So….where is it going?  That will be driven by the members of this tech community.

How does a community like @SCtechhub connect and support each of us working in tech? 

  1. Through networking will we find people with those skills we need in our own work?
  2. Does an active and diverse local community provide the new ideas and resources we need to stay current in the rapidly changing world of tech?
  3. Will we reach new customers locally and off-coast by collaborating with others having similar and complementary skill sets?
  4. Will groups of like-minded people come together here locally with the entrepreneurial spirit and community encouragement to tackle some of the toughest (and most interesting) challenges we are and will be facing today locally, regionally, and internationally?

Will @SCtechhub contribute to growing the knowledge economy as part of a sustainable future for the coast?

  1. Can we foster in our schools that sense of wonder and curiosity about the possibilities of the digital space (beyond gaming and Facebook) ?
  2. Are members willing to invest some of their cycles to connect with organizations and initiatives committed to growing the coast in a way that respects our shared values and need for a sustainable future?
  3. Will tech be part of the story that is shared off-coast – a place with some real work/life balance (and affordable housing, outdoor rec, safe connected community, environment, …).
  4. Will the tech scene here be visible to those who come to the coast for the weekend and wonder (as they sit waiting in Langdale on a Sunday afternoon) – hmmm, I wonder if I could bring my family, my tech business into this community.

I am curious how @SCtechhub will support and grow the tech community on the sunshine coast over the next year.

So lets talks.  Comment below on my post.   Write your own blog post for this community site.  Come along to the meetups.  Share your ideas.


You can also reach out on the community twitter feed @SCtechhub or by email connect@sctechhub.ca