slide decks from Innovation Island sessions

In case you missed one of the sessions, here are links to the slide decks that Graham Truax with Innovation Island has been presenting.  Tons ‘o great material and very useful links to some of the latest thinking.

Refresh Your Minimum Viable Product (Nov 23/15)

Customer Development Methodology (Nov 24/15)

Funding Sources (Jan 28/16)

Challenge your SWOT (Jan 29/16)

Pivot or Perservere (Jan 29/16)

Startup 101 Crash Course (April 2016)

Team Building (April 2016)

The Pros & Cons of Bootstrapping  (April 2016)

The Relationship Business (September 2016)

Are you ready to scale (September 2016)

Future-Proofing (September 2016)

link to some resources on CRM and Project Management software, and best practices.)