wrap of meetup #4

IMG_437025 people came out on October 2 for the last @SCtechhub meetup on design thinking (in the beautifully designed post and beam Seaside Center in Sechelt).

We kicked off the evening with a panel of designers exploring the changing role of design in tech projects, designing and living on the coast, human centered design, and digital design tools.

David Shao | Digital Creative
Angela Rae | Angela Rae Interior Design | Interior designer and tech explorer
Laurie McConnell | Bad Dog Design | Web design and marketing
Shawn Mabey | Fluid Perception | UX/UI design

Then time for discussion and chance to connect on ideas we are working on. Great to have 9 new people join us for their first @SCtechhub meetup. The presentation slides, list of design tools, and design resources are below.

Some takeaways from the evening …

“…challenge is people often see creativity as beautiful, cool but not understanding the true value. … Apparently there are many brilliant minds working in tech sector/knowledge economy/digital spaceand living on the coast” (David Shao)


“Youth of today have a completely different but very visual, interactive, immediate view of their needs and the design around this. … A website is no longer the most important part of an online presence it is actually only one of the minor deliverables” (Mathew Newton)


“We are all ‘designers’ and there are no ivory towers where ‘professionals’ get to hide and issue decrees from on high, we help facilitate the expression of our clients via not only marketing but also through rethinking the whole business process with technology in mind. … We have an incredible diversity of talents on the Sunshine Coast and we need to promote that more. …We need to redesign the thinking around tech for elementary school students through grade 12 to empower young people to become designers rather than consumers/participants.” (Laurie McConnell)

Thanks to our organizing group (Beverly Ehlbeck (Business Analyst/District of Sechelt) and Mathew Newton (Business Systems Analyst/Sunshine Coast Credit Union) for arranging the practical details. Thanks to the District of Sechelt for generously making the Seaside Center available to the group.

Send us your feedback and ideas for future meetups.

presentation slides

Difference between UX and UI graphic





Some great notes from Laurie McConnell with lists of tools, etc, etc. sctechtalk

Some of the widely used tools we talked about:

Have other design tools that you recommend?  Leave a comment on this post (link at top of post) to tell us what tools you use, how you use them, and why they work for you.